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Camp Bathrooms!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions from people when trying to decide which of our 7 wonderful uk sites to visit, is regarding the different bathroom facilities provided at each.  I know for some, this is a real deal breaker.  So heres a run down of what is available at each site. Check out the site maps for each site on the down loads for the exact location of the facilities in context to the tents.

Wiveton Hall - A bespoke wooden build on the field, about 25 metres from the first tent, containing 2 proper mains loo cubicles, 2 hot shower cubicles and an under cover hot washing up area. There is a plug for charging outside of the bathrooms. (Pic 4)

Hoveton Estate - Individual beach hut style amenities cubicles at the back edge of the woodland clearing about 10m from the nearest tent. These comprise of 3 proper mains loos and 3 hot showers. There is a separate undercover washing up area, with usb charge points. (Pic 1&2)

Hopton Court Estate - There is a private horse box style wet room with hot shower and proper mains loo aligned to each tent here parked at one side of the woodland clearing, so you can park your toothbrush just once for the duration of your stay and enjoy your exclusive bathroom on the field, with washing up just near by.

Bell’s Farm - A bespoke wooden build on the field, containing 4 proper mains loo and 4 hot showers in their own little private cubicles compete with under floor heating.  The building is on the filed, just 25 metres from the tents. There’s also an undercover hot water washing up area, charge points and a hair drying bar with mirror. (Pic 3)

Mannington Hall - The bathrooms here are in a refurbed block, and contain 6 gendered proper mains loos, and 4 gendered hot showers, an extra unisex disabled loo with baby charge table. There’s an undercover washing up area with charge points outside. The bathrooms are 250m from the field. This is quite an old fashioned set up but was refurbed when we started there in 2012

Branthill Farm - 3 loos and 3 showers housed in a brand new renovation within an existing old barn a short walk from the field. Hot washing up is on the field itself.

Little Massingham Estate - 4 loos and 3 showers in a brand new floating woodland build

for 2021 located next to the events barn. (Pic 5)

All our bathrooms are cleaned to a sparkling finish either daily or twice daily, have hot hand washing water, soap dispensers and hand sanitisers available.

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