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Squilla and Squidge

Squilla and Squidge is a family run business born from a life-long love for food and a passion for cooking (and eating) tantalising meals.

Coming from a world of foodies, our ‘founding mother’ Priscilla gave up a long career in project management to follow her dream of cooking professionally and trained as a chef at City College Norwich Hotel School, passing top of her class! Since then she has worked in a la carte restaurants, bistros, cafes and outside event catering.

Tired of working for other people, Priscilla decided it was time to take the plunge and create her own business where she could have fun cooking the type of food she loves to eat. After a long search and a lot of hard work our VW camper van Sassie Gracie came into the family and the Squilla and Squidge street food revolution was born.

We aim to provide healthy, wholesome and delicious street food to the masses by combining our Caribbean heritage with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean elements that we enjoy. Being a bunch of total foodies it’s our mission to design delicious and unforgettable menus to cater to your tastes and your events.

To find out what we can offer you simply contact us and we’ll create a bespoke menu and some tasty samples to suit you.

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